Back to Back Auto Accidents


Because of some weird law of the universe that is as of yet unexplained, clients often suffer two auto accidents within a few months of each other. This makes for a complicated claims scenario that no one wants, but we have to deal with it sometimes. So where to begin?

If you’re lucky (that being relative, of course), your accidents are completely distinct. If case one involves a neck injury and case two involves a foot injury, then that makes things infinitely more simple. But often times we’re faced with similar injuries, or possibly aggravation of the first injuries. That makes things way more difficult.

The onus will mainly lie with the health care providers to help you distinguish between your diagnoses and what caused what when. Having a health care provider who can confidently help you navigate that will be crucial to the successful presentation of your claim, so choose wisely!

If possible, create a cut-off between treatment for the two accidents. If you were close to wrapping up treatment on the first one and then the second one happens, you might as well call it quits on the first treatment period and move forward with trying to resolve that claim if possible. The first insurance carrier is going to give you grief about paying for anything that happens after the second date of injury, so this makes a lot of sense for both sides of the case.

It is hopeful that you’ve already handled your property damage claim from the first accident because if you haven’t, you’re in for a world of nonsense. Good luck!

All personal injury claims require tailored advice and solutions because they all have their own character and difficulties. These back to back cases are even more temperamental, so seek advice as soon as you can. Call an attorney. Call me. 919-929-2992.

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