Get Your Traffic Tickets Dismissed

Can you get your ticket dismissed? Probably not.

I have been practicing law and handling traffic tickets since 2001. I have seen tickets dismissed, but that is exceedingly rare. Normally there are only three reasons tickets are dismissed:
1) Compliance: If you haven’t complied with a regulatory requirement (registration, insurance, etc.) but then show compliance, or if you are in a wreck and show proof of insurance coverage and handling of the claim, that might get you a dismissal.
2) Legal defects: If the officer who wrote the ticket left out a vital legal requirement of the ticket and it can’t be addressed via amendment, that might get you a dismissal. These are extremely rare, but they can happen.
3) Extreme cases: I once saw an ADA dismiss a ticket where a lady produced a birth certificate for her child which was born a few minutes after her ticket was issued. These are even more rare.
What does all of that mean? It means that unless you have a very special and particular situation, you probably aren’t getting your ticket dismissed. The days of the sneaky backroom deals are done, and tickets don’t just get “taken care of.” But call me and I can tell you what I think I can do for your ticket. 919-929-2992.
I represent people with traffic tickets in Orange, Chatham, Alamance, Durham, and Wake Counties.


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