Should I Hire an Attorney or a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Durham NC?

Should you hire an attorney for your traffic ticket? Generally speaking, I would say that the answer is more often than not “probably.”

Here’s what I mean:
Paying off a ticket is almost always bad. Paying off a ticket is the same thing as pleading guilty. Pleading guilty gets you a conviction, and a conviction will likely get you insurance points (meaning your insurance rates will increase for three years) and DMV points (meaning your license could get revoked). Sometimes it’s OK to pay a ticket off, but you should only do so after talking to an attorney; the reputable ones will tell you when it’s the best thing to do.
So if you’re not paying it off then you have to either a) show up in court yourself, or b) hire an attorney to go for you.
First, your time is valuable, so why waste your time in court when you can pay someone to go for you.
Second, even if you feel that your time isn’t that valuable, what kind of outcome will you seek in court on your own? Do you know what to ask for? Do you know how it will affect your license/insurance? Do you know how to get what you want? An experienced traffic attorney will know all of these things and can save you lots of money in the long run.
I represent people with traffic tickets in Orange, Chatham, Alamance, Durham, and Wake Counties.
So call me and find out what I can do to help. 919-929-2992.


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