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Should you hire an attorney for your personal injury claim? Well, every case is different and unique, but generally, I would say the answer is “yes.”

What Personal Injury Attorneys Durham NC Do to Help Process Claims

Why should you hire an attorney? Think of it this way: You might be handy around the house and can fix things here and there. But if you have a problem with your toilet, wouldn’t it be better to hire a professional to help you, instead of ending up with a messier, smellier, more expensive problem?

Hiring an attorney is like hiring any other professional to do a job. As a personal injury attorney, I know how to help guide you through your claims process and help you avoid mistakes that can cost you and your family in the long run. I know how to intelligently value your claim, how to document your damages, and how to argue to get them.

Moreover, an attorney represents the legitimate threat of a lawsuit to the insurance companies. People who represent themselves tend not to file lawsuits, and when they do they tend to royally screw them up. But attorneys know when and how to litigate, which can cost an insurance company money in the long run. Don’t you think they take that into consideration when they are negotiating with us?

Sure there are some cases where you might be able to bear the burden by yourself. But doesn’t it make sense to get a professional opinion on that before you get too deep?

I handle personal injury claims all over the state of North Carolina, so no matter where your accident occurred in North Carolina, or where you live in North Carolina, I might be able to help. Call me at 919-929-2992.


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