How to Kill Your Claim


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People are very good and coming up with new and interesting ways to make life harder for themselves.  I’m astounded by their ingenuity.

But one thing I see consistently in this field is people getting hurt, getting treatment recommendations from doctors, and then not following through with their treatment. 


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, the MOST important thing in an accident claim is your health.  That’s obvious, right?  You want to get better so you can get back to your life.  That is clearly the ultimate goal of everyone in this situation.  So WHY would you avoid treatment?

I get it.  Treatment can be expensive.  Treatment can be time-consuming.  Treatment can, in some instances, be physically demanding, even painful.  But if it’s what the health care providers are saying will get you better, and get you better faster, then WHY WOULD YOU NOT DO IT?  The expense, the time, and even the pain can all be worked around to get you at least some, if not all, of the treatment you need.

And if you can’t get the treatment you need, you should at least understand how your lack of treatment will be received.  Over here in injury claim land, no treatment is the same as no injury (see my blog post here for more on that).  I hear this all the time from adjusters: “If she was hurt that badly, then she would have been getting treated.”  If you have the same claim, with the same injuries, but one person has treatment and the other doesn’t, the one with treatment is vastly more valuable from the settlement perspective than the other.

If you can’t afford treatment, let’s talk to the providers, or find another provider, to see what can be done.  If you don’t have time for treatment, let’s get creative in ways to get you something.  If you don’t want to get treatment, that’s fine.  I can’t make you.  But if you make the choice to avoid treatment, and you don’t even try to talk to me about how you can work around your perception of problems with treatment, don’t question me when I tell you your claim value isn’t what you want it to be.

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