Injury Claims and Sand Castles


What do Injury Claims have to do with Sand Castles?


You see, injury claims are sand castles…

To make a sand castle, you need two things:  You need sand, and you need water.

But you need the right amount of water.  Too much water, and you have mud.  Too little water, and you have a sand hill.

To make a good injury claim, you need two things: You need an injury, and you need treatment for that injury.

But you need the right amount of treatment.  Too much treatment, and you are a money-grubbing malingerer.  Too little treatment, and you have no framework around which I can document and explain your pain and suffering.  Not to mention the obvious point that treatment should help you get better faster.

The moral of this little tale is you should make sure you get treated.  If you’re not following my advice, and you’re not following a doctor’s advice, then you should understand that your claim is simply not going to go the way you would like.

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