NC Traffic Tickets – Missing Your Court Date is Expensive

Traffic Attorney

If you miss your court date, a $400 total charge gets more expensive than you can imagine…

First, your license will get revoked if you don’t deal with it, which can lead to more costly and dangerous charges like Driving While License Revoked.  That can cost you $1000 or more to fix.  But even if you catch it before that, you’ll probably pay double the attorney’s fee you would have if you had just dealt with it on time…that’s $150 turning into $300 instantly.  AND, whenever you do finally get it fixed, you’ll still have to pay the cost/fine and on top of that you’ll likely have to pay the $200 FTA fee! That’s not to mention the reinstatement fee you’ll have to pay to DMV.

Compare that to simply paying the attorney’s fee (they vary, but let’s say $150 or so) in the first place, following their instructions, and then just paying the cost/fine to the court ($250?).  You’re out $400 in that scenario, compared to a likely $750, and that’s if you don’t catch a DWLR before you get it all resolved.

Do yourself a favor: If you get a ticket, get a lawyer immediately.

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