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What does a personal injury attorney do to help you in your claim? Hopefully everything s/he can to help make it the best that it can be.

Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys Durham NC

If I get involved in a claim from the outset, I help in initiating the claim with the at-fault insurance provider. I investigate the claim to make sure we have the strongest liability claim we can have under the facts. I help the client avoid making statements that might compromise the claim, and I also explore insurance coverage to see what avenues of recovery will be available.

From there I walk the client through treatment, helping them to understand how their treatment, actions, and decisions can affect the claim. If the claim has particular complications that require the selection and hiring of expert witness I offer advice on that process and help to coordinate experts to lend strength to the claim.

When the client has reached maximum medical improvement (of if otherwise seems to be the right time) then I gather all of the relevant treatment records and bills, as well as other documentation of damages (lost wages, pain logs, etc.) to help demonstrate the value of the claim to the insurance company. I then create a settlement brochure and demand letter to present our claim to the appropriate insurance carrier(s) and begin the negotiations process.

In cases that don’t get settled, I counsel the client on the litigation process, draft and file the complaint, help the client complete the discovery process, depose necessary witnesses, complete the mediation process, and try the case when necessary.

Does that sound like it’s worth what you pay?

I handle personal injury claims all over the state of North Carolina, so no matter where your accident occurred in North Carolina, or where you live in North Carolina, I might be able to help. Call me at 919-929-2992.

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