Attorney to Handle Your Durham NC Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Can you handle your personal injury claim on your own? Sure. You can also operate on yourself, but you are more likely to have a good outcome if you have a surgeon do it.

If you are thinking about handling your own claim, consider this:
• Do you know how to establish liability?
• Do you know what contributory negligence is?
• How to investigate different coverage options?
• Do you know the difference between UM and UIM coverage?
• Do you know when you are required to pay medical bills from your settlement funds?
• Do you understand the recent “billed v. paid” legislation and how it affects claim values?

So yes, of course, you can handle your own personal injury claim. And sometimes people do an acceptable job with them. But if your claim is worth something to you, why would you leave it in the hands of an amateur? Why not pay a professional to use his skills and training to obtain an outcome for you that you aren’t trained to seek? Remember, if you hire an attorney to help you, you get to focus your energies on what’s important – your health and your family.

Talk to me about handling your claim and I’ll tell you if I think it’s worth having me involved. If it’s important, trust a professional to help you.

I handle personal injury claims all over the state of North Carolina, so no matter where your accident occurred in North Carolina, or where you live in North Carolina, I might be able to help. Call me at 919-929-2992.


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