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It’s election season, and I know you’re probably sick of hearing about it.  But I thought I would give you a little advice if you have any doubts about the way you intend to vote.

Since the Republicans took over the NC legislature around 2011, I’ve seen a lot of legislation that has been passed specifically to tip the scales in favor of the insurance companies in injury claims.  That’s right.  New and exciting laws have been passed by your elected representatives that help gigantic, billion-dollar corporations in their never-ending struggle to screw you.

This isn’t a matter of opinion, this is absolute, unassailable fact.

In Worker’s Comp, they limited permanent and total disability benefits to 10 years, instead of lifetime.  So if you are permanently unable to work due to an on-the-job injury, the Republicans took money from you to help insurance companies save money.  Thanks, y’all!

In the Personal Injury arena, they passed a new rule regarding the introduction of evidence.  The at-fault party gets to talk about how you got a discount on your health care due to your good fortune in having health insurance; but if you even mention that they’re covered by an automobile liability insurance policy, you get thrown out of court.  Once again, thanks, y’all!

I don’t know about you, but I like people better than I like companies, particularly insurance companies.  So if you agree with me in that respect, you might want to consider voting Democrat.

And that’s just one of many reasons to do so.

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