A Traffic Ticket Attorney Durham NC Can Help Prevent Soaring Insurance Rates

What will a traffic ticket conviction do to your insurance rates? It can increase them in a big, big way.

Convictions for NC moving violations result in the imposition of insurance points, in most cases. For every insurance point you get your rates increase as follows:

1 30%
2 45%
3 60%
4 80%
5 110%

You do not want me to keep going. Suffice it to say that it gets worse the more you get. And remember, these increases are for THREE YEARS. That’s a long time to bear the brunt of the mistake of paying off a ticket to avoid hiring an attorney.

So call me and find out if I can help keep your insurance rates low. I represent people with traffic tickets in Orange, Chatham, Alamance, Durham, and Wake Counties. Call me at 919-929-2992.

Consult Jeffrey Howard, Traffic Ticket Attorney Durham


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