Triangle Snowpacalypse Tips – Auto Accidents in the Snow

As a born and bred Southerner, I can say this without fear of (great) retribution:  We are not the best snow drivers.  We just aren’t.  It makes sense because we generally don’t have any snow at all, and when we do have it, it’s maybe once a year, and even then, everything tends to shut down and we don’t get a chance to practice.  That’s OK.

But still, some of us either have to or choose to brave the elements and get out on the roads.  It can be dangerous no matter who you are or what you think you’re good at, but maybe even more so for those of us that really just aren’t used to it.  So here are some tips to help you survive out there:

  • Drive slowly: Always slow down when there is snow or ice on the road. Doing this allows you to more easily maintain control of your vehicle at all times, and gives you more time .
  • Leave a greater following distance: It takes longer to stop your vehicle when the road is wet and/or icy.  This is how I get the majority of my snow accident cases.
  • Avoid fast accelerations: When accelerating, do so in a slow and controlled manner.  “Gunning it” as they say will get you out of control really quickly.
  • Don’t tackle big hills: Avoid hills if you can.  Alternative routes are recommended.
  • Watch what’s happening around you: Watch out for the other guy.  What is he doing?  Is he going to fast?  Is he in control?  Are there sledders coming at you?  Be alert.

That’s right, the guy who makes money off of accidents is telling you how to avoid them.  Further proof that I’m a wonderful person.  So call me if you are in an accident.  919-929-2992.

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