What I do in my law practice

I’ve focused on 3 practice areas since 2001, and I still get questions like,”What services do you offer?”  “Don’t you do family law?”  “You’re a malpractice lawyer, aren’t you?”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad.  I’m clearly just not doing a good enough job of clarifying what my law practice handles.  So let me lay it out for you:

My practice is built upon three practice areas:  Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, and Traffic Tickets

Personal Injury – I represent victims with injuries caused by the negligence of another.  The vast majority of these are automobile accidents, but I also handle dog bite claims and the occasional slip and fall.  The way I help these victims is to try to make sure they get the compensation that the law says they’re entitled to receive, and more importantly, to handle this process in the least impactful way possible so as to help them focus on what’s really important – their health.

Worker’s Compensation – In some instances when you suffer an injury at work you are entitled to a certain set of defined and limited benefits.  My job is to help those injured at work to obtain those benefits.

Traffic Tickets – I help people with traffic tickets in Orange, Alamance, Chatham, Durham, and Wake Counties.  When I’m hired for this purpose, I go to court so you don’t have to, and I try to get you the best deal possible so as to minimize (or maybe eliminate) insurance premium increases you would otherwise face due to those tickets.  In other words, I try to help you save time and money after you get a speeding ticket.

That’s it!  That’s what I do.  Tell your mom!  Tell your kids!  Tell everyone you know, and if anyone needs the type of help I offer, tell ’em to call me.  919-929-2992.

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