When can I pay off my ticket in NC?

Traffic Attorney

“The cop told me I can just pay this ticket off? Is that a bad idea?”

Almost certainly, yes, that’s a bad idea.

Look, obviously I have some interest in you hiring me to handle your ticket for you, but hear me out: There are only VERY rare circumstances in which paying off your speeding ticket won’t hurt you from an insurance point perspective. So when is it OK to pay off a speeding ticket?

The ONLY time I think it’s reasonable to pay off a speeding ticket in NC is when you have ALL of the following circumstances:

  1. You’re charged with speeding 10 mph over the limit or less;
  2. You have not been convicted of any moving violation within the past 3 years;
  3. You haven’t been in an at-fault auto accident within the past 3 years.

If you have those exact circumstances, fine, pay it off if you want. But it’s still smart to call an attorney who handles tickets in that county to see if you might be able to do better. Paying a little extra up front might save you a lot of trouble later. You see, if you do get convicted of a moving violation within 3 years of paying off that ticket, you’ll get the points from the new ticket AND the points from the old one will be activated.

Like lots of legal stuff, it’s tricky. So get some quality advice before you act. Call me. 919-929-2992.

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