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Durham AttorneyYou’ve seen the commercials.  “They made a movie about me, hire us.”  “We have hundreds of lawyers, hire us.”  “We have an old TV actor doing our commercials, hire us.”  Of course, it makes sense to hire a gigantic law firm with the fancy commercials, right?  Well, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

Consult with Personal Injury Attorney Jeffrey Howard

When you have the choice between a big or a small law firm, the answer may not seem obvious.  To give you a little bit of insight into what my practice consists of, I am the only attorney.  That’s it.  It’s just me.  I am a solo attorney in my own private practice.  I have an assistant who does clerical work for me, but that’s only to free my time up so I can do the important things: talk to my clients, and handle their cases.  Consider that, and then consider all of the attorneys, staff members, secretaries, “case managers,” etc. that will be at the big firms, and then think about the following questions:

  • When you call, who will you talk to?  Is it a qualified personal injury attorney, or is it a secretary?
  • Who is evaluating your claim? Is it a qualified personal injury attorney, or is it some case manager with no law school training or license to practice law?
  • Whose office is your file sitting in?  That same case manager mentioned above, or a qualified personal injury attorney?
  • Who is paying for those big offices, hundreds of staff, collector’s artwork, big commercials, fancy spokespeople, and primetime air?  You are, that’s who.

When they are negotiating your claim, what is on their minds: your needs or their gigantic overhead costs?

Benefits of Working With a Small Law Firm
All of these things should be important to you and are vital in your decision to hire an attorney. When you hire me, you get me.  I’m the only attorney in my practice and I’m the person who will handle your claim from start to finish.  When you call, you get me, or my voicemail, and I will call you back personally within 24 hours (or as soon thereafter if I am in court or otherwise have uncontrolled unavailability).  When I’m working on your case, I’m thinking about what the law will allow you to recover, not how much I need to make to pay for my fancy commercials and giant office building and 14 secretaries.  Because I’ve chosen to have my own small law firm, I’ve been able to devote more time to individual clients over the years and I’ve been able to make sure my priorities are where they should be.

If you want the big firm experience, that’s your prerogative.  It is certainly not true that all law firms larger than mine are bad and don’t do a good job for their clients.  There have been many success stories from bigger firms.  But it is true that generally there will be a different experience dealing with a big firm than dealing with a smaller one.  I can’t tell you how many clients I have had that had previously been with a bigger firm only to leave for a better experience with me and my practice. It happens more often than you’d think.
Free Personal Consultation With a Lawyer That Will Handle Your Claim
If you have any doubts, and you need help with your personal injury, worker’s compensation, pharmacy prescription error, wrongful death, or any other injury claim, give me a call for a free consultation and I’ll be happy to speak with you.

Attorney ads are nuts. I decided to have fun with the idea of how nutty an attorney ad could get. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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