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Automobile accidents happen every day.  In Raleigh, North Carolina there are on average sixty (yes, 60) auto accidents reported every single day.  In Durham, North Carolina there are about 45 auto accidents reported every day.  People often think that because they are so common, they should be able to handle the resulting claims on their own.  People are wrong.

One in three of us will have some form of cancer, which means it’s pretty common.  Because it’s common, does that mean we should treat our own cancer?  Of course not!  So if you go to an oncologist when you have cancer, why wouldn’t you go to an auto accident attorney when you have an auto accident claim?

Durham Auto Accident Attorney

If you were hurt in an automobile accident then it is very likely you are owed money.  It is also very likely that the at-fault auto insurance company adjuster is going to do everything in his or her power to avoid paying you that money.  You’re injured, you’re busy, and you’re not a trained attorney who handles auto accident claims.

Unlike you I’m not injured (knock on wood), and even if I’m busy, I’m still a trained and experienced auto accident attorney and I want to help you with your claim.   You’ve got so much going on between your treatment and your everyday responsibilities you are too busy to handle this on your own!

Let me take this burden off of your shoulders.  You didn’t ask for this to happen, so the last thing you need is another job to do.  If you hire me, I can handle your claim from start to finish.  Think about all of the things that need to get done:

  • Claims set up with the at-fault insurance company
  • Claims set up with your auto insurance carrier
  • Med Pay, Uninsured, and Underinsured coverage investigation
  • Liability investigation, witness interviews, site investigation
  • ERISA, Medicaid, and Medicare lien inquiries and defense
  • Expert witness preparation
  • Health care documentation
  • Claim evaluation and damages/recovery research

Do you know how to do all of that?  Do you have time to figure it out?  Why even try?  Let me handle it for you.  Remember, on most cases I work on a contingency fee basis, which means I don’t get paid a fee unless I recover for you.

I don’t charge a consultation fee!  Contact me and we can talk about your case FOR FREE, and you can find out what I can do to help you with this claim.  I can, in many circumstances, meet you at your home or elsewhere if necessary.  There is no fee for a consultation, so what do you have to lose?

There are so many good reasons to contact me, and no good reason not to.  Call me now and I’ll be glad to discuss your claim with you and let you know what I can do to help.

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