North Carolina Traffic Court

Every state handles traffic tickets in their own special way.  There are some places where you just pay it off and that’s the end of it.  North Carolina is not one of those places.

In North Carolina, when you are convicted of a moving violation, you can be assessed DMV points AND insurance points.

DMV points aren’t a huge deal, until you get 12 of them.  That’s not easily done, as most convictions only give you 2 or 3, and they are wiped clean after 3 years.  But if you do get 12 then your license will be revoked.

Insurance points are arguably worse; every insurance point can allow your insurance company to increase your auto policy rates for three years.  So every point you get hurts, and every point you can avoid will help.

So if you have received a traffic ticket in North Carolina, you should have someone help you.

I currently offer representation for the following: Orange County traffic tickets, Chatham County traffic tickets, Durham County traffic tickets, Alamance County traffic tickets, and Wake County traffic tickets. I represent clients with Orange County traffic tickets and Chatham County traffic tickets most frequently, but would gladly discuss with you any charges pending in other North Carolina counties. If I cannot assist you, I would be glad to refer you to a traffic ticket attorney in the appropriate county, if I have a contact there.

How Hiring Traffic Ticket Lawyers Helps

Certainly you could appear in court on your own and attempt to dispose of the charges against you. Often, however, defendants who retain a lawyer to represent them in traffic issues obtain more favorable outcomes. I can offer you two particularly valuable benefits:

  1. CONVENIENCE: If you hope to achieve a better disposition of your charges by a court appearance, it will mean taking a day off of work, sitting in the traffic court room waiting for your name to be called, and submitting yourself to a hostile environment that you are unlikely to be to familiar with. In most cases, a lawyer with a written waiver of appearance can appear in court on your behalf, saving you the time and stress of wasting a day in traffic court.
  2. ADVOCACY: More importantly, a lawyer is your advocate. A traffic attorney knows the law and is familiar with the workings of court. Hiring a traffic lawyer shows the Assistant District Attorney that you are serious about the charges against you and that you and your attorney may be willing to try your case. The Assistant District Attorney most likely has between 200 and 800 more cases just like yours to deal with that day, and would prefer not to have to try the case, which would put him or her dreadfully behind in their duties. This gives the State an incentive to reduce the charges against you, perhaps to a more reasonable charge which all parties can live with, and with your traffic attorney’s knowledge of the law, he or she can help get the disposition that is best for you in the circumstances.

How much does it cost to hire a traffic ticket attorney?

Traffic Attorney Fees

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