Traffic Ticket = Lost Money and Revoked License?

Traffic Attorney

If you get a traffic ticket in North Carolina, it might not be as simple as paying a fine and going on your merry way.

Even on the lower end of the spectrum, traffic tickets can have drastic consequences. North Carolina follows the Safe Driver Incentive Plan which financially punishes drivers (and awards insurance companies) when they’re convicted of moving violations. That means a ticket you pay off and/or plead guilty to (same thing!) can result in hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums for three years. As you go up the chain to more serious offenses, the consequences can get much worse than losing money, though. You can lose your license or even go to jail in rare circumstances!

How do you protect yourself from these undesirable consequences when you have a ticket? Call an attorney! If you get a ticket in Orange County or Chatham County particularly, give me a call at 919-929-2992. You’ll be glad you did!

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