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Traffic AttorneyIf you have a traffic ticket in Chatham County, you will have to appear in the Chatham County courthouse for that ticket. Don’t waste your time! Let me represent you and you’ll be glad you did.

Since 2001 I’ve been practicing law in the Triangle area, and I’m very familiar with the policies and procedures the Chatham County Assistant District Attorneys follow with regards to Chatham County traffic tickets. These ADAs are part of the same judicial district as Orange County, my home district, so I know the lay of the land in Chatham.

Whether it’s speeding, following too closely, unsafe movement, or what have you, I can
normally help you get a better outcome.

Remember, paying off a traffic ticket in Durham County is normally a bad idea; there
are only very few particular circumstances when it’s advisable. Paying off these tickets
results in a guilty plea to whatever offenses you are charged with, which will often
result in DMV and Insurance points. Just one point on your insurance causes a premium
increase of 25%! Four points would mean an increase of 90%! Moreover, many of
the speeding offenses individuals are frequently charged with have license revocation
penalties as well. If you get a ticket, it is very important that you contact an attorney
immediately before simply mailing in your payment.

There is no need to waste your valuable time in court trying to figure out what to
do, where to go, and what to ask for. Contact me and I can help you minimize the
consequences of your ticket, and save you time and money in the process.

As with many counties, Chatham County has its own way of doing things. Chatham
County tickets are handled on the Attorney’s Day, which is the SECOND THURSDAY
of the month. Your ticket is probably scheduled for the first Thursday (if it isn’t, then I
cannot assist you!). If you hire me, I will appear NOT on the first Thursday but on the
SECOND THURSDAY to resolve your ticket. As long as you’ve hired me, you need not
appear on that first Thursday date. You will then receive further instructions by email
unless otherwise noted. If you do not receive that within 3 days after the Attorney’s
Day you must call me immediately; otherwise I will not know you did not receive the
instructions, which could harm your case.

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Traffic law offenses that I handle in Chatham County include but are not limited to speeding, speeding in a work zone, speeding in a school zone, following too closely, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, improper lane change, unsafe movement, careless and reckless driving, no operators license, expired registration, expired tags.

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