Traumatic Brain Injuries and Trucking Accidents

Even when there’s not a lot of evidence of physical damage to your vehicle, you can still suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Understanding what these injuries look like is critical towards the effective prosecution of these types of claims.  With respect to trucking accidents the physics involved makes these types of injuries even more likely, so it’s vital to your claim that you get help – both medical and legal – sooner rather than later.

Ask your family immediately following even a “minor” accident to document any aberrant behavior on your part.  Are you forgetting names? Numbers?  Appointments?  Are you losing your train of thought?  Are you repeating yourself?  Are you suffering from dizziness or ringing in your ears?  Are you inexplicably nauseated?  These are all things you might not necessarily attribute to a head injury but they are classic symptoms and if you aren’t documenting them then you are losing in your claim.

Make sure you have the right kind of help if you have any type of injury, but particularly any type of brain injury, resulting from a trucking accident.

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