Your Trucking Accident Team

Your first instinct was a good one:  You knew you needed a lawyer for this type of claim.  But what you’re about to find out is that for your claim to succeed you will be best served by a multi-member team.  Not every injury claim needs this sort of teamwork, but trucking accident claims with catastrophic injuries are serious endeavors and as such require serious investment and work to push them through.  So who are your team members?

  1. Your trucking accident attorney(s).  We are the ones that help coordinate everyone on the team – like the coach of a basketball or football team – to make sure we’re all doing what needs to be done for the ultimate goal of the team.    
  2. You. While having an attorney helps to keep the vast majority of the work of your claim off of your shoulders, you’ll still have some work to do.  Just follow your attorney’s advice and remember that – to continue with the sports metaphor – you’re in this not just for one game, but for a whole season.
  3. Health Care Providers.  These people are working to help you recover as well as you can from your injuries.  That’s the most important thing. But for your claim, it’s also important that they help document your injuries and support your claims for losses.
  4. Investigating Officers.  Tractor trailer accidents normally have more thorough investigations than more basic accidents.  Your attorney will speak with them to find out everything they can to help support your claim.  Having a helpful officer can be critical.
  5. Accident Reconstructionist.  There are more and more specialized fields every day, and these guys are very special indeed.  They can help you interpret electronic data from the vehicles in the crash and illustrate what happened.  In some ways they can be the most crucial member of your team.

And that’s just to name a few.  Depending on the severity and complexity of your case you may need more team members.  This will be something that your attorney can help you figure out.  If you didn’t realize this already – and I think you did – this is a complex thing and you’re going to need all the help you can get.

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