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Many attorney websites offer information on frequently asked questions (FAQs for those of you in the know). I thought I’d go one step further, and provide the public with some answers and explanations, straight from yours truly, to questions that I commonly hear from potential clients.


There are several topics that I’ve tried to cover, which is probably the best place for you to start.  Pick the topic that you’re looking for, and then see if your question is answered.  If you don’t see your topic, it’s probably because it’s not a practice area I handle.  If you see your topic, but not your question, that’s all the more reason to call me.  Feel free to call with any questions, as always.

Auto Accident Injuries

  1. What do you do if you’re in an auto accident?
  2. Should I handle my claim myself?
  3. The 5 worst things you can do for your claim
  4. The 5 best things you can do for your claim
  5. Why it makes sense to hire an attorney
  6. Auto Insurance in a nutshell (liability, um, uim, med pay, no-fault/pip…)
  7. Contributory Negligence
  8. Billed v. Paid
  9. Pain and Suffering documentation

Slip & Fall Injuries

  1. Slip & Fall/Premises Liability Law in NC
  2. The perfect Slip & Fall claim
  3. Why you need an attorney or a slip and fall claim

Dog Bite Injuries

  1. Dog Bite Law in North Carolina
  2. Things you should consider in handling your dog bite claim.

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