Auto Accident Claims and the VA

Auto Accident claims are complicated enough: Liability concerns, stupid contributory negligence in North Carolina, the “billed v. paid” legislation change, causation arguments. None of it is fun. But if you want even more drudgery and delay in your claim, go get some accident-related treatment at the Veterans Administration hospital.

All health care providers take longer than they should to get us records and bills. But I can deal with a wait of a few weeks or a month if necessary. But the VA takes MONTHS to get records and bills. AND while the VA offers “free” care to veterans, that care isn’t exactly free if it’s related to an accident claim, because they want to get paid back! And that process takes FOREVER too!

Nothing is easy with the VA, sadly. Everything takes longer and is more complicated. If you’re in an auto accident and end up getting treatment at the VA, that’s fine, but make sure you get the help you need ASAP. Your case is going to be trickier than normal. Call an attorney. Call me. 919-929-2992.

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