Beware the Drive-By Settlement!

This is, in my opinion, the sneakiest, most underhanded, dirtiest thing that insurance companies routinely get away with. And that’s saying something.

The Drive-By settlement as I call it is this: You’re in an accident that’s not your fault. You go to the ED or UC and you’re on some pain meds. The nice insurance adjuster calls and tells you they appreciate that you’ve been injured but it seems like you’re doing well now, and then asks you “How about a nice $1000 directly into your bank account and let’s put this claim to rest?” You say sure, thanks, and the next thing you know your case is settled.

Two days later your chest is feeling weird and you’re running out of breath. Your family rushes you to the ED and you’ve suffered an aortic dissection from the impact of the accident. You are ripped open and repaired by a cardiologist and spend a week in the ICU, only to return home where you have to sit down for the next 3 months while you try to re-start your life. But guess what? Your claim is settled and the insurance company for the person who hit you is laughing in the background.

Don’t let this happen to you! DO NOT SETTLE YOUR INJURY CLAIM IN THE FIRST MONTH FOLLOWING THE INJURY! Let your body rest, get a better idea as to what damage was done. You just don’t know until you know, and if you settle your case too early, when you find out something terrible is wrong, it might be too late.

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