Do I have to pay my own medical bills after an accident?

BOOM!  Some jack@$$ runs into you.  You go to the hospital and all that.  A few weeks later, you’re hit with medical bills from the hospital AND maybe even ongoing treatment costs from physical therapy, medications, and whatever else.  So who’s to pay?

Sadly, in NC, we all are responsible for our own health care UNTIL we make someone else assume responsibility.  That means that you’re on the hook for all of those bills, at least for the time being.

Remember, this is EXACTLY why health insurance still exists.  USE IT!  I don’t care what your hospital or other providers say, you can use your health insurance for a liability claim.  NC does NOT have PIP or no-fault coverage so they can’t hope to get paid more from that stuff.  Use your health insurance.  Of course, that means you’re stuck with c0-pays and deductibles, but that’s better than having to pay it all at once.

If you have an attorney (like me) we can also ask providers to back off collection efforts if you find yourself in that position; they are not legally obligated to stop collection efforts, but most providers in NC understand this situation and will often hold off for a bit.

When you’re all done with care, or at least to a point where it makes sense to move on your claim, we then try to get everything we can from the at-fault party’s automobile liability insurance, and maybe, if necessary, from your own UIM auto coverage.

In a nutshell, you’ve gotta pay your bills at first, but attorneys like me try our best to minimize that outflow and then to maximize your recovery for those bills you incur.

If you’re in an auto accident, call me.  919-929-2992.

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