Don’t Settle Your Injury Claim and THEN Hire an Attorney

This should probably go without saying, but if you’re going to hire an attorney, DO NOT agree to settle your claim with the insurance company beforehand.

Seriously, people do that.

I get it, sort of. You’re talking to the adjuster, they’re being really nice and persuasive, and they get you to say “yes” to a settlement offer. Sadly, that’s binding (most of the time) in NC. That means your case is settled. And while you might be able to find an attorney willing to fight it, best case scenario you’ve created a monster cluster$#@# that didn’t need to be there ON TOP OF the underlying problem of your injury claim, and worst case scenario you go through a lot of hassle, expense, and heartache and lose.

Don’t create problems for yourself. You already have enough. Don’t agree to settle your damn claim. Please.

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