How to Pay Your Bills After An Auto Accident

Having medical bills pile up following an auto accident in North Carolina is one of the biggest stressors that comes from having a personal injury claim. And there’s a great deal of confusion – even after I write blog post after blog post! – about who is responsible for victims’ bills immediately following an accident. Here is the low-down:

Who is responsible for paying my medical bills after an auto accident I didn’t cause? Sadly, you are. That’s not the answer anyone wants to hear, but it’s how our system works. Don’t get me wrong, with the right facts a good personal injury attorney (wink wink) has a great chance of getting you paid back for your medical expenses and then some. But at the beginning, your bills are your bills and no one else’s. If you want to avoid collections, you have to deal with them.

How do I deal with my medical bills after an auto accident I didn’t cause? First step is USE YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE. They are still on the hook, regardless of the event giving rise to your need for medical care. So make sure they’re being billed! The next step is to SET UP A PAYMENT PLAN if necessary. You can avoid being sent to collections (and have a lot of headache and credit damage) simply by offering to pay $10/month toward your bills. At the end of the case, we can hope to pay all of that off plus pay you back what you paid out. But this is how you handle it at the beginning.

This hits a lot of people hard. When you’re hurt due to the negligence of another, it really seems weird that you’re on the hook for your own treatment. But the fact is that’s just how our system is built currently. Once again, with the right facts you might have a legal claim against the at-fault party that may allow you to recover your medical expenses as well as other losses, but that’s the next step. The first step is addressing the medical expenses up front to avoid damage down the road. Follow my advice and you should be OK. And remember, call an attorney – call me – if you’re in this situation. 919-929-2992.

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