NC Worker’s Comp: Is your claim accepted?

If you have a worker’s compensation claim in NC and you’re lucky enough to get a response from anyone, you might see a Form sent by your employer/insurance carrier that will be either listed as a Form 60 or a Form 63. What’s the difference?

A Form 60 is an acceptance of the claim. They’re pretty much saying they’re on the hook for your claim, and it’s fairly hard for them to get off the hook if they do this. Because of that you are more likely to see an adjuster file a Form 63.

Technically, a Form 63 is supposed to be used when the insurance company for your employer isn’t sure if a claim is one that should be accepted (we tend to use the term “compensable” in this business). Based on the rules, the carrier then has 90 days to investigate the claim and then deny if they think they have the legal grounds to do so. In the even that the carrier takes no action within 90 days the claim is deemed accepted. But that may not be the end of the argument…

There are still several issues regarding compensability that might arise. Oftentimes the Form 63 is used as a kind of tentative “maybe” by the carrer. They want to see how the claim shapes up and if it gets to wacky or expensive, then they may still deny it within the requisite time period. They might even argue that they meant to deny it but had some good reason that they didn’t and should still be allowed to. And even if you get a Form 60, it may be very limited as to what they are accepting; they might be saying we’ll pay for this body part’s treatment but not these others.

Pretty much everything in the law is wackier than it needs to be, and Worker’s Comp is no exception. Hell, it’s wackier than most other bits. So be on your guard. And maybe call an attorney. Call me at 919-929-2992.

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