Use my Health Insurance or Let the Provider Claim a Lien?

Generally speaking, it makes sense to use your health insurance for your healthcare costs after an accident in North Carolina. That’s what you’re paying for, right? But sometimes the health insurance isn’t necessarily the best option for you. So what do you do?

Let’s talk about how we normally see health care bills paid for under different circumstances…

Normally, you go to the hospital, you have them file your health insurance. You have some co-pay, and/or maybe you have to reach some deductible amount you have to reach before your health carrier pays. Either way, you still probably get a pretty good discount on the treatment costs because of the “contractual adjustment” that your carrier has negotiated with your provider. But depending on your plan, that co-pay and/or deductible amount may be astronomically outside of your current means. In that case, if you can’t pay your part, you might not be able to use your health insurance. So what then?

Sometimes health care providers get the sad fact above, and in those cases they may offer to claim a lien on any potential settlement. In other words, if someone else’s negligence led to you seeking health care, then that provider might say that they’ll withhold collection attempts until your case gets settled, and if they do what they’re supposed to, you’ll be legally obligated to pay at least some of their bill from any settlement proceeds.

Which option is right for you? Only you can decide that. But it makes a lot of sense to talk to someone – like me – who deals with this sort of situation all the time to help you better understand your options and concerns, and then make the best decision for you. Call an attorney. Call me. 919-929-2992.

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