Auto Accidents and Health Insurance

Do you use your health insurance for auto accident injuries? Yes!

So many times I have clients with auto accident claims who think for some reason they should not use their health insurance for treatment of auto accident-related injuries.

This is wrong.  I totally understand why you might think that it’s right, but it’s just not.

In some states, auto insurance will pay for victims’ ongoing health expenses.  North Carolina is NOT one of those states.  In NC, auto accident victims bear sole responsibility for their treatment expenses until they prove that someone else should.  It’s an all or nothing thing here, and there is no slow drip of medical costs.  In other words, there is no pay as you go.  So if you don’t use your health insurance you will have bills accumulating, and then soon you’ll have debt collectors hounding you.

Help me to help you avoid that!  Use your health insurance (unless there’s a REALLY good reason not to)!

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