Paying Off Speeding Tickets

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I get a version of this call about once every fortnight:

“My license is revoked and I don’t know why.  I just paid off a ticket I got recently, but I don’t understand why my license is revoked.”


Please don’t just pay off a speeding ticket UNTIL you speak to an attorney about what the effects might be.  Most of the time paying off a ticket is going to at minimum increase your insurance rates for three years.  Often it doubles them for 3 years!  Most of the time in NC, if you have a ticket that is going to revoke your license, they won’t allow you to mail in a check to simply plead guilty/pay it off, but they’ll make you come to court or get an attorney.  In other states, though, sometimes you can just pay it, which can end up in disaster for you and your driver’s license.

The upshot is this:  If you get a speeding ticket, be it in NC or any other state, call an attorney in your license-issuing state to find out how a plea might affect your license and insurance rates.  You’ll be glad you did.

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