Is it expensive to hire an attorney for your ticket?

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I recently quoted my fee to a potential client for handling her ticket and she said, “That’s expensive!”

I thought that was an odd reaction. But being the self-reflective and awesome person I am, I didn’t argue with her. I just pointed out that I think it’s probably less expensive than risking the loss of her driver’s license or having her insurance rates go up for 3 years, but the choice was hers.

Maybe that wasn’t the best salesmanship in the world. While I admit that part of what I must do in my business is selling my service, I feel that there’s a line to be drawn. I’m not going to pander to you and beg for your business. I will, however, tell you what I charge for the valuable service I offer, and here I’ll tell you what you get for it:

  • If you hire me, YOU don’t have to go to court, I do that for you
  • I analyze your driving record and make a choice as to the preferred disposition of your ticket, as I can tell what impact each disposition might have on your record (prior tickets can impact this one, and vice versa!)
  • I use my knowledge and experience to get you the best deal available in order to minimize the impact this ticket will have on you
  • If your ticket isn’t handled appropriately, you could risk losing your license, or maybe having your insurance rates increase for three years! Sometimes that increase will be 100%

I can then only leave it up to you. Do you know how to do what I do? Do you want to bet on it? If you’re OK with the consequences of being wrong, then have at it! Maybe you keep your license! Maybe you don’t! If you’re not comfortable making that bet, then pay me a few bucks and let me do it right. I really don’t think you’ll regret it.

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