Who is at fault in your auto accident?

Fault can be clear sometimes in automobile accidents. But sometimes, it’s really, really tricky to tell who is the responsible party.

Who had the right of way? Was anyone speeding? Were lights/blinkers in use? Should they have been? What were the conditions? There’s a ton to consider.

Can you tell from the accident report who the officer thought was at fault? Does that matter? Does the officer’s opinion control the issue? Can you read the semi-secret codes on the report? This is getting more and more complicated, which means it’s more likely you’re going to need help.

What makes that even more difficult in North Carolina is that we are a contributory negligence state. In short, that means if a person is even 1% at fault in their accident, then they can’t get anything from the person who is 99% at fault. This is crazy when you consider that in most states under those facts the 1% guy could get 99% of his damages from the other guy. That seems a lot more fair, but we have a really strong insurance lobby here, so they get to make the laws!

If you have a question about who is at fault in your auto accident in North Carolina, you’re probably in for an uphill battle. Call me for some advice and help. 919-929-2992.

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