No, Your Ticket Will Probably Not Be Dismissed

I’m probably not going to get your ticket dismissed.  I’m sorry.  It’s just not likely.  If that makes you not want to hire me, cool.  But whoever you end up hiring probably isn’t going to get it dismissed either, and if they’re promising to do so, that’s a whole new problem entirely.

I don’t mean to be a jerk, I just want to be honest about your expectations.  Every case is a little different, and maybe, just maybe, there are facts surrounding your ticket that could give the ADA reason to dismiss your ticket.  But if you want honest, straight-forward, no BS advice from years of experience handling thousands of tickets, you are probably not going to get it dismissed.   It’s the exception, not the rule.

Speeding in NC is a strict liability offense.  That means that if you’re speeding, then you’re guilty.  Having an explanation doesn’t make you not guilty, it just serves as a confession that you were, in fact, speeding.  “But I was just trying to pass someone!”  I know, I know.  But if you go faster than what the limit is, that’s speeding.

But to turn this into a positive post (maybe it’s too late for that), let’s talk about what I CAN do…

There’s an excellent chance I can get it dismissed so as to reduce – or maybe eliminate – insurance points.  But that depends on your charge, your record, the county, and your facts.  If you want to know, call and talk to me about it.  But I’ll go ahead and tell you it probably ain’t getting dismissed, so don’t ask.


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