Legal Advice and Where You Should Get It

Everyone thinks they know how a traffic ticket should be resolved. Everyone thinks they know what a personal injury claim is worth.

The key word in those statements is, “thinks.”

Every day I talk to people about these two subjects, and every day I have to dispel myths and and correct misinformation on these topics.  It’s frustrating that people propound this nonsense as gospel, but frankly I find it even more frustrating that people choose to believe it.

Some really good advice that I can give you is this:  Don’t take legal advice from anyone just because they have a mouth. I busted my @$$ for three years in law school and for three months studying for the Bar exam so I could legally give advice on the law.  And right after the bar, I knew a lot, but I didn’t really know anything because I hadn’t actually practiced law yet.  After more than a decade and a half of practice, after handling thousands of speeding tickets and hundreds of injury claims, I feel pretty confident that the advice I give is hard-earned and accurate.

To make this easier for you, I’ve broken this down into two lists:



  • Attorneys licensed to practice law in the state in which your legal matter is situated (even better, attorneys who work primarily in that area of practice!)
  • Literally, no one else



  • the officer writing your ticket
  • anyone who had a ticket before
  • jail house lawyers
  • law students (seriously…I will beat your a$$3$ if I catch you)
  • your uncle who stubbed his toe in Wal-Mart and says he got $3.5 million (spoiler alert: he’s full of $#!^)
  • anyone who uses the acronym, “PFJ”
  • your mechanic who says if he writes a note that your speedometer was off the DA will always dismiss your ticket
  • anyone who says that an injury claim should settle for at least 3 times the medical bills (I might fight you if I hear you say this to someone)
  • attorneys who do not practice law in NC talking about NC things
  • (I reserve the right to add to this list)

In summary, call me if you want some accurate and reliable legal advice on traffic tickets in my region of this fine state or on injury claims throughout North Carolina.  If I give you advice on anything else you can tell me to STFU.



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