What does Worker’s Comp do?

I probably use this joke too much, but I often say that the “comp” in worker’s comp doesn’t stand for “compensation,” but for compromise.

In North Carolina Worker’s Comp was created as a compromise to help injured workers get the support necessary to get back to work, but to also not hold employers accountable for things they may not have caused.

Worker’s Compensation claims can be “comp” – licated too. It is a separate body of law unto itself and there’s a lot of weird stuff in there. But if you want to know what worker’s comp is supposed to do, in essence, here it is boiled down for you:

  1. They should pay you for your time out of work. Granted, it’s only 66% of your average weekly wage, but it’s something.
  2. They should pay for your treatment related to your injury. Yes, they get to choose the doctor, which can have a huge impact on the type and quality of care you get, but still, it’s something.
  3. To the extent you have permanent impairment, you should get money for that. How much? Ask an attorney.

Worker’s Comp claims are wacky. Save yourself a lot of time and heart ache. Get an attorney. Call me at 919-929-2992.

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