Why Waiting to Hire an Attorney is Unwise

“The adjuster has been nice so far. I don’t think I need an attorney yet.”

“Things are going OK, so I don’t think I want to hire a lawyer.”

“I’ll hold off hiring a lawyer until it seems like I need one.”

“I don’t want to make the mad!”

I hear this stuff every. dang. day. I get it. We are brought up, for the most part, to be non-confrontational, to not “make a big deal” out of things, and to generally be easy-going. Look, I’m as zen as your average Chapel Hill-ian, and despite my profession I don’t go around looking for fights.

But here’s a fact: The moment you suffered an injury that was the result of another person, that person’s insurance company started in motion a nation-wide machine of industry hell-bent on giving you as little money as possible to compensate you for your loss.

I get it. The adjuster is saying the right things for the first week or two. They’re giving you money for your car. They got you a rental for a week. That all seems nice.

The thing is, it’s not nice. They’re only doing what they have to do anyway. And in the meantime, every time you talk to them, they’re recording you and leading you to say things that will harm your claim down the road. So you might think everything is non-adversarial while you’re over here easy like Sunday morning, but they are are building their case against you from the very moment they first talk to you.

So why do you need an attorney soon?

  • You need an attorney to counteract what the insurance company is trying to do to you.
  • You need an attorney to keep your contact with the insurance carrier to a minimum; everything you say can and will be used against you.
  • You need an attorney to help help you understand how your actions impact your claim so you are making informed decisions.
  • You need an attorney to help you understand what your rights are in this situation and how best to enforce them.
  • Most of all, you need an attorney because this is not your job! I’m sure you’re brilliant but you don’t know how to do this any more so than I know how to do your job.

If you’re hurt in an accident, do yourself a favor and talk to an attorney. Don’t worry about the insurance company’s feelings or what people will say. If you don’t take care of yourself, they sure as hell won’t.

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