Injury Settlements Take Time

“My accident happened a year ago and this case STILL isn’t settled!”

Most of my cases don’t take that long, really. But I sometimes here this exclamation of frustration from clients and it’s hard to talk them down. So I thought I’d lay the foundation for why the statement is based on a misunderstanding of this process and is therefore faulty from the start.

How long ago your accident happened is really no metric for how far along you might be in resolving your case. What? You’re surprised by that? Think about it: What’s more relevant in terms of determining a value on your case – How long your recovery took and how much treatment you had, OR how long ago it happened?

Obviously, the more important factors in determining your claim value is how long your recovery took and how much treatment you had. Your accident might have happened last week, and you’re already done with treatment. In that case, your claim is probably ripe for valuation and settlement. But your accident may have happened two years ago, and you’re still in treatment and recovery. In that case, your case is not likely ripe for settlement so it’s just not ready to be settled!

When you think of it that way, how long ago it happened is completely and totally irrelevant as to the value of your claim and the timing of the resolution thereof.

Just because your accident happened a long time ago doesn’t mean your case is ready to settle. The only relevance is to your frustration in the process taking longer than you would like. That’s totally understandable and a valid emotion. But please don’t confuse your frustration with the process with a flaw in the handling of the process. Those two things are not always the same thing.

So, if your case is taking longer than you’d like, stop to think about whether or not it’s your recovery that you’re frustrated with, or if the claims process is the problem. If you’re still in recovery, your case is probably just not ready to be resolved yet. And if you only were released from treatment a month ago, then we still need time to work through the normal process.

I know. I get it. You want it done quickly. But please understand that there is, generally speaking, an order to things, and each of those things take their own time. Let’s handle them in the proper order, and trust in me to get them done in a reasonable time. I’ll do my best for you, I promise.

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