Your Health Care Providers – Gotta Catch Em All!

When you have an injury claim – auto accident, slip and fall, dog bite, whatever – you’re probably going to have to see one if not several health care providers.

If you have an attorney helping you with your claim, it’s ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you make sure your attorney is aware of ALL of your health care providers related to your injury claim!

Why is this important? Think about it: As your attorney, what I’m trying to do is paint the most detailed and accurate picture of your treatment as possible. If you’ve left out a health care provider, I don’t have a complete picture to paint! I would be totally ignorant of those bills and records, and they may be a very important part of your story.

I can’t tell you how many times, despite my constant questioning and request for updates, I’ve gotten to the end of a client’s treatment period and requested all of the records/bills and gotten what I asked for, only to go over them with the client who then asks me, “Why don’t you have such and such in there?” Then I have to answer, “You didn’t tell me about such and such and I’m not telepathic.” This leads to at minimum a delay in your claim and also possibly a very frustrating conversation.

Don’t let this happen! Tell your attorney EVERY time you go to a provider and tell them about EVERY bill you get. Even better, SEND THEM EVERY BILL YOU GET! That doesn’t mean don’t pay them, it just means make sure your attorney has a picture of them. This way things won’t be left out.

Details matter. Don’t let them slip through the cracks. Call me at 919-929-2992.

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