NC Traffic Tickets – Why Hiring a Lawyer Makes Sense

Traffic Attorney

We all get tickets. None of us are perfect. We all speed from time to time, we all make mistakes. But as I’ve said for years, it’s not if we mess up, it’s how we handle our mess ups that define us.

So you got a ticket. How are you going to handle it?

On one hand, you might feel comfortable going to court and winging it. You’ve heard about the “PVJ” or whatever it is, so you figure you waive that around and it will probably work out, right?

YOU ARE PROBABLY WRONG! Negotiating a traffic ticket successfully involves knowledge of State Law as well as local practice and rules. This is not the type of thing that’s easy to just do on the fly. The consequences are harsh, too. Your insurance can go up astronomically for 3 years, and you might even lose your license.

If you’re debating hiring an attorney for your ticket, here are the reasons why you should:

  1. The fee is less than your time. We are generally charging between $100 and $200 to handle a ticket, depending on the circumstances. Is it worth you missing a whole day of work, or maybe several, to save that money? Maybe it is, but it probably isn’t. Pay us, and you go do what you’re good at and we’ll go do what we’re good at.
  2. The knowledge is worth the fee. You might not want to accept this, but traffic ticket law can be somewhat complicated. If you zig when you should have zagged, you can lose your license, or at minimum get huge increases (FOR THREE YEARS) on your insurance premiums. If you hire an attorney with experience in this area you’re much more likely to have an outcome that is favorable. You might think you can figure out how to do our job by reading a blog post or two. But I doubt it. Sorry.

Don’t hesitate to hire an attorney for your ticket. At least call one and talk about it. The best of us will tell you if you really don’t need us. Call me at 919-929-2992.

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